The COVID conundrum continues...

So as many of us netballers we starting to hit the court once more the government decided to throw another spanner in the works and ban the meeting of 6 people or more in England.

England Netball have been excellent at seeking further clarification for what this means for Netball. In short my understanding of the new rules (in England) are:

- Training outdoors remains the same - groups of up to 30 per court are allowed

- Games can be played outdoors as long as the modified rules and COVID guidance are followed.

- Training indoors can continue in groups up to 30 per court (including coaches and umpires) BUT adults (over 18s) must be organised into bubbles of 6 and these must not mix during the session

- Matches indoors are not allowed as this would breach the rule of 6

- Under 18s are exempt from the rule of 6

- If you're 18 you can only be exempt from the rule of 6 if you're playing netball for the purpose of education, or playing for a school team. 18 year olds are not allowed to breach the rule of 6 indoors in a community setting such as a local netball club.

For more information see the England Netball site: