Netball dictionary

An essential for any netballer - the netball dictionary explains the meaning of common comments or phrases used during match play...

"Here if you need"

Often shouted by WAs on the edge of the D, usually when they're trying to remind team mates they still exist after the ball has gone straight from the C pass into the GS.

"Towards the ball"

Usually heard from a coach on the sideline, particularly common for younger players. To encourage players to attack as if they actually want the ball rather than running in the opposite direction as if the ball is contaminated. May become more frequently used during the COVID pandemic.

"Space out"

Get out of my space!

"Clear out"

Get out of my space!


Get out of my space!

"Excuse me"

A term used by players on the court to opposition when they think they have been unfairly contacted. Always said with an exaggerated passive aggressive tone.

"Unlucky <<insert team mates name here>>"

Another passive aggressive term, which means "What the hell umpire, she was definitely 3 feet / didn't contact / didn't touch the ball last" etc.etc.


That defender running straight at the ball looks massive and a bit scary - the ball is all yours mate!

"In the pocket"

Used exclusively by attacking C court players, this term refers to the small space next the D that is closest to the baseline. Has been known to be overused by some players who seem to spend the whole match "in the pocket"

"Great tip"

Used to praise a team mate when they manage to get their fingers to the ball and knock it off course. Occasionally resulting in a free pass to them if the ball happens to go out of court because the opposition fumbled it. Not to be confused with an interception.

"Great interception"

Probably one of the most coveted phrases during a game - only to be used when a team mate has intercepted a ball in mid air with both hands, landed smoothly and passes it to a team mate, all the time looking like the cat that got the cream. Particularly favourited by GDs.

"Stand tall / strong"

This may sound like you're giving advice to a holding shooter to be strong and not allow the defence to push them, but actually another passive aggressive term to say "errr umpire why haven't you noticed how much the defenders are contacting the GS???"

"Chase it"

Ruuuuuuuuuunnnn!!! Why are you standing there when the ball is rolling right past you????

"Drive out"

Ruuuuuuuuuunnnn!!! Stop jigging about on the spot and run towards the ball! Often used at a center pass.

"Get it to circle edge / top of the D"

Usually heard from a WA who's feeling ignored again. Those long bombs flying over their head straight into the shooter are making them feel left out. Also heard from coaches when the long bombs are intercepted or fly off the back line.

"Change channels"

Stop using the one side of the court and mix it up people - the ball is about to be - see great interception


Usually directed at tall Goal Shooters who don't feel the need to jump for rebounds this term means what it says. Jump. Just a little bit oh tall one. PLEASE! ARGH.

"Get those bin chickens"

Perhaps one of the strangest terms used on the netball court. Of course it's come from the antipodeans! They're talking about loose balls, but we have no idea what bin chickens are. Can anyone from down under shed some light??? :)