The best netball gifts

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Are you looking for the perfect present for a netball obsessed friend? Or maybe it's the end of the season and you need to buy a thank you gift for your captain or committee member? There are more and more fun netball gifts coming onto the market so we've selected our favourites below...

Leap: Making the jump to take netball to the top of the world by Geva Mentor - £8.19

If you're looking for a book this one is a great read. It's so interesting to find out all about how Geva ended up playing for the England Netball team and it wasn't all plain sailing!

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Netball princess hoodie - £22.95

We all know a netball princess, you know the ones, they usually have wear a GA bib LOL. Absolutely love this hoodie - it comes in different colours, there are plenty of sizes available and it ships from the UK so you can get hold of it within a couple of days.. A perfect pressie for a netballer to wear in those cold winter training sessions!

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For your coach / team or committee member there are loads of great thank you gifts, we've selected our favourite three:

Yoda Coach mug - £13.88

I mean who doesn't love a Star Wars pun? A lovely way to thank a coach is to tell them they're the best... and let's face it, we're all a bit scared of our coaches so it's best to stay on the right side of them!

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Personalised netball print - £16.95

This is a really great way to say thank you or sorry you're leaving to a team mate. You can change all the wording to things that are meaningful to them and your time together so they'll never forget how awesome it was! It's really stylish too so would look great hanging just about anywhere!

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Worlds best Shooter mug - £11.99

Other positions are of course available! This would make a lovely present from a captain to her team mates at the beginning of a season to show them that they're appreciated and give them some confidence before the season opener. Also just a fun gift for someone who enjoys Netball - I mean obviously we were overlooked for the England team!

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Netball no contact pyjamas - £30.99

These are great. Tongue in cheek for so many reasons - netball is a non contact sport, LOL how many times have we heard that one?? And the obvious fact that they're pyjamas and the no contact rule still applies... well we'll leave that to your imaginations!

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If you know a young lady who is keen on Netball there are some great stocking fillers on the market:

Netball keyring - £3.95

A small but perfectly formed keyring with a choice of positions. A great little gift for a netball player who is certain they'll never change positions (and we all know a few of them!) ;-)

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Netball gift pack - £21.98

A Mitre netball, a bottle with a great netball slogan and a netball keyring. What more could a netball lover need?

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Netball stainless steel water bottle - £19.99

This stainless steel water bottle with a great netball slogan is really fun AND useful as we all need to drink plenty of fluids when we're training or playing matches. A great idea from a website dedicated to selling netball related gifts.

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And finally..."Keep your distance" top - £19.99

This top has a great Netball "rule" on it which we love, but we also see another benefit - a useful top to wear to encourage social distancing in these unprecedented times! :)

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We hope you enjoy choosing some great gifts for your loved ones and team mates. We make every effort to make sure that the information is accurate on the blog, but products do go out of stock and prices can change so please follow the links for the most up to date product information. :)